Friday, January 13, 2012

Reaching YOUR Goals

When you are setting out to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals you must write everything down.  If you see a pattern that needs to be changed, look at the good things you did and continue with those as new habits.  Make sure you do not dwell on the bad that you see, but congratulate yourself on the things you did accomplish.  Focusing on what you did well will lead you to that positive pathway to great fitness and nutrition success.

Give yourself a mental pep talk at the beginning and the end of each day and map out what you will accomplish tomorrow from what you did today.  This will help rest your mind so you get a good nights rest without worrying about what you have to do in the morning.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goal Setting 101

Setting goals will enable you to eliminate the distractions in your life and help you to focus on the really important things. By knowing exactly what you want, you're able to concentrate on specific areas with more accountability and focus. Goals allow you to get more things done so you can achieve more. Who doesn't want to achieve more?

We like to take one large goal and break it into smaller, more attainable "mini-goals". This will give you the direction you need if you get off track. Goals create steps. The old saying goes, "How do we eat an elephant?" Answer: One bite at a time. No matter what task we have to tackle, we often can't do it all at once. We can, however take small steps toward completing the task.

Always, always, always write down your goals! Set small, measurable, and attainable goals. Focus on getting the result that you want. Why did you set this goal? Why is it important to you? Make a commitment to yourself, and then take action with your end-result in mind. Use your time wisely and work hard. Don't waste your valuable time and energy with filler.

Tell everyone you know about your goal. You have probably heard this a hundred times, but it really works. This will create accountability, and the more accountability, the more likely you are to succeed! But, be careful with ones who won't support you, don't share with them.

One more thing.... "TODAY, not tomorrow" is critical. Don't put anything off until will never get done. Besides, if it were really important to you, then why would you wait? Do it TODAY!

What is your Goal?

Let us help you accomplish your goals in 2012. We want you to have a "NEW" goal in 2013, not the same one you make this year.

Define - Plan - Commit - Take Action - Make No Excuses - Be Persistent-
Read Your Goals Daily - & Never QUIT!

Happy New Year!
Committed to YOUR Success