Monday, March 19, 2012

Benefits of Moving YOUR Body!

Ever wonder how exercise can benefit you more than the obvious- heart health, weight loss, and reduction of inches?
There are alot of benefits to getting your body moving.  Did you ever think it would help your Nervous System?  Well your about to find out.  Think about it when you are moving, whether playing or exercising you are not thinking about the everyday stresses, possible anxiety or frustrations.

Here are more ways moving/exercising can improve your health...
  • Nervous System--
                 ~will also improve concentration, creativity and performance
  • Your Bones --
                  ~strengthens bones & improves muscle strength & endurance
                  ~makes your joints more flexible, allowing for ease of movement
                  ~reduces back pain by improving flexibility & posture
                  ~reduces your risk of osteoporosis & fractures
  • Heart --
                  ~reduce the risk of developing heart disease & stroke
  • Blood --
                  ~improves blood circulation to your entire body
                  ~helps lower bad (LDL) cholesterol & raise good (HDL) cholesterol
                  ~helps to lowere high blood pressure & prevent high blood pressure from occuring
  • Digestive System --
                  ~helps control your appetite
                  ~improves digestion & waste removal
  • Lungs --
                 ~slows the rate of decline in lung function
                 ~improves body's ability to use oxygen
  • some extra bonus benefits...
                ~reduce the risk of developing diabetes
                ~helps maintain a healthy weight (if you are a scale watcher)
                ~improves self-image (confidence)
                ~helps you sleep better and feel more rested

There you go your body is all connected by your NERVOUS SYSTEM!  Make your Nervous System happy, the rest of your body will follow.  Body movement clears your mind, energizes your body, makes your life much easier.

Enjoy YOUR day & keep it moving!! 
Remember Positive Mind + Positive Body is POSITIVELY FITT!!

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